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Landjäger - The sausage

The term Landjäger is used to describe portioned roasted raw sausages. The origin is assumed to be in the Alemannic cultural area. The name is said to go back to the comparison with Landjäger.

According to the Swiss Idiotikon, the word Landjäger may be derived from the dialect "lang tige(n)", which means "long smoked", "long air-dried". The jocular reinterpretation is possibly inspired by the fact that the stiff appearance of the sausage was compared to the military stiffness of a uniformed man.


Landjäger - The "policeman"

The Landjäger has existed under this designation since the 19th century.

In the late 18th century, Landjäger was used in parts of the German-speaking world to refer to special police forces who kept order in rural areas. Whether the name of the sausage is an ironic allusion to the red skirts and the civil servant-like stiffness of the Landjäger, however, remains a matter of speculation.

The square shape of the Landjäger was already common at that time.

It is clear from the Atlas für Volkskunde that the Landjäger tended to be a sausage speciality of eastern Switzerland that slowly spread westwards. In the 1930s, the atlas's vouchers describe that the Swiss-German gendarmes became increasingly popular in French-speaking Switzerland as well.

Landjäger der Polizist

Landjäger - Textiles

Decorated with the Swiss cross and Swissness, these polos, hoodies and T-shirts together form a line of high-quality materials and appealing design. The result is products that combine classic and modern elements.

Each piece is marked with the Swiss cross, "Edelschweiz", as a symbol of identity. It also stands for Switzerland's neutrality and independence. A new trend is born that will please young people and those who are young at heart, and will be an eye-catcher for both Swiss and tourists.

Mario Lang, the founder of the new fashion label, originally comes from helicopter flying. The Swiss colours red and white are also indispensable in aviation, we remind you of Swiss, Rega and last but not least the Patrouille Suisse, to which we have dedicated a shirt. Seen in this light, the leap is not as great as one might initially suspect.

About Landjä
The development and management of the new label is led by the experienced entrepreneur Mario Lang in Wohlenschwil AG, the distribution is done by Brigitte and René Lang from the warehouse in St. Erhard, Lucerne. The production of the entire clothing line will be handled by an experienced company in India.

About Mario Lang
In 2007, the Aargau entrepreneur Mario Lang set up, the leading company in Switzerland, with helicopter flight mediation as its core business. After acquiring his helicopter pilot licence in 2003 and working in marketing for 10 years before that, he combined his two passions. The company offers a wide range of aviation services.

Internationally, Mario Lang operates the sales channels, and Hubschrauberflug . at throughout the German-speaking world. The company currently has 10 employees. His entrepreneurial experience now also helps to lead the new Landjäger division to success.


Mario Lang
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Sales, warehouse, distribution & returns:
Brigitte Lang
Oberwiberg 6
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