Origin & Philosophy

Origin and company philosophy

In addition to our commitment in Switzerland, we are also proud of our partnership with an Indian producer who also attaches great importance to fair trade and socially responsible production.

Commitment to Switzerland

Switzerland is a privileged country and generally offers its citizens very good prospects and opportunities. Nevertheless, poverty exists in this country as well. In order to counteract precisely this, we support the aid organisation "Schweizer Berghilfe" with regular contributions. Through support such as ours, we enable Swiss families to have a secure existence, give them hope and enable them to have a better future.

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Production country India

It is precisely these hopes and opportunities that we would like to give not only to families in Switzerland, but also in a country like India. India, one of the most populous countries in the world, is an emerging nation with a long tradition of textile production. With its vast knowledge and experience in the production of high quality garments, India is an ideal fit for the philosophy of Landjä During the evaluation of possible production sites (more than 20 offers were examined), our current producer from India caught our eye early on. It was no coincidence that our decision fell on this company. In particular, the social and qualitative aspects of production were the deciding factors.

Swissness despite production in India

Most of our products are currently designed for the Swiss market (other markets are being evaluated on an ongoing basis) and are accordingly equipped for decorative purposes with a Swiss cross, or with our Edelschweiz. The fact that many of our products are produced in India has not only economic, but also social aspects and thus fits perfectly with our company philosophy, where mutual respect and joint development enjoy a high priority.

Today we are happy to have found a suitable producer in India, to be able to commit ourselves here and to have popular, fair and high-quality products manufactured for our customers and to constantly develop our products further, as well as to design new ones. Through our orders we create jobs in a country that is still marked by poverty. Through this direct cooperation we help many families to lead a better life and see this as a classic win-win situation - for our young company, the producer with his employees, but also for our demanding customers.

The producer

The producer of our Landjäger fashion runs a SEDEX-certified company and is ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000 certified. As we attach great importance to fair conditions and quality, we also pay fair prices for production. In addition, we regularly pay larger bonuses for good quality and careful processing. We make voluntary payments such as these in particular to express our appreciation and recognition of the manufacturer and its employees. But also because a sustainable and honest cooperation with motivated employees is important to us. Accordingly, we attach great importance to compliance with socially acceptable standards on site and these are also regulated by contractual agreements with the producer. These oblige him to comply with our agreements. Clichés such as child labour are therefore excluded from our supply chain, as is exploitation through poorly paid wage labour. Nevertheless, it is not left out to strive for further efforts to continuously reconsider and promote production, sustainability and environmental protection.

Manufacturing at the producer in India

Our focus

In order not to lose the focus on our home market, a large part of the value creation takes place in Switzerland itself. Development, design, marketing, warehousing and distribution are all carried out exclusively in Switzerland.

With our commitment we give hope and a perspective for a better future to many families not only in Switzerland, but also in India. We are convinced that in today's globalized world, we can only tread the path to a better and more sustainable future together.