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"Every 🌿 tree counts", so we plant a tree for EVERY product purchased. In this way, together with our customers, we make a small but important contribution to the environment and thus to the future of our children.

Trees are the basis for a healthy ecosystem and an important part of a balanced environment. That is why we have made it part of our philosophy to make a contribution here and to provide our customers with inspiration.

How do we do this? With every product purchased from us (including the free Landjäger), we have our partner organization Tree Nation plant a tree. The contributions are reserved directly with each purchase from the partner and automatically paid by us.

Would you have known? Almost all of the oxygen in the air is produced by plants through photosynthesis. The oxygen that the plant doesn't need, it releases into its environment. A mature beech tree, for example, produces about as much oxygen in one hour as 50 people need to breathe in the same amount of time.

We face up to our social responsibility. The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes the voluntary contribution of business to sustainable development that goes beyond the legal requirements. CSR stands for responsible corporate action in the actual business activity (market), through ecologically relevant aspects (environment) to relations with employees.

Landjä is a profit-oriented start-up company, but it adopts the possibilities of CSR and thus lets mankind participate in it. With every purchase you help us to support Swiss Mountain Aid as well as nature.
True to our motto: Every purchase counts.

Our partner Tree Nation, was founded in 2006 and has planted approximately 15 million trees to date (December 2021). Although Tree Nation is registered as a Belgian non-profit organization, half of the team is located in sunny Barcelona, Spain, while the rest is spread across Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

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by the way our website is climate neutral

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