New in the assortment: Pullover, briefly also Pulli mentioned

The word sweater comes from the English, so "pull over" to German überziehen. This also gave rise to the German word "Überzieher", which is rarely used.

But whatever you call this garment, Landjä sells it as a pullover and this is available in black and in white with 4 different Edelweiss finishes each.

The quality of the Landjäger sweaters is the same as the black and white hoodies that we recently added to our range. The demand shows that these are very popular and we get a lot of positive feedback.

The incoming goods are checked and sorted by colour and size.

The demand for these sweaters develops positively from the beginning and we also receive the desired feedback. Since orders were already placed a few days before, the sales team was able to send out the first sweaters on the same day the goods were received (picture below).

"The product has already been added to the cart."