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2021 May - Corona crisis: Entlebuch young entrepreneur suffers from slump in demand
Thanks to Swiss Mountain Aid, we support small and micro businesses in the mountain region that are being driven into financial straits by the Corona crisis. This is also the case for a small Entlebuch company that runs a bakery with a branch, two village stores and a small snack bar.

2021 January - Store creates future for family of nine
In this project, Berghilfe supports a large family that can no longer live from their farm alone. Therefore, the creative mountain farmer has been successfully running her own store with silhouette work for years. Due to the scarce income from agriculture, she now wants to expand this sideline business. But for this again the present local is much too small. A former inn is now to be converted and renovated into a store and event location.


Swiss Mountain Aid

Schweizer Berghilfe is a foundation financed exclusively by donations with the aim of improving livelihoods and living conditions in the Swiss mountain region.

Swiss Mountain Aid
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Since 1943, the foundation has been committed to helping people in the Swiss mountains. Swiss Mountain Aid supports projects that create jobs and added value in the mountain region. In this way, it counteracts emigration and ensures that the mountain regions remain vibrant in the future.

The vision

Switzerland's mountain regions form an inspiring living space. People shape their lives in a self-determined way and thus make an important contribution to a diverse society and tradition.

The mission

Swiss Mountain Aid promotes projects of initiative people for the further development of their living space with financial contributions. Volunteer experts ensure that the donations are used effectively.

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