Schweizer Berghilfe - Corona crisis: Two years of reconstruction work threatened

Mountain farming, agrotourism and assisted living: With this unique combination, a young Emmental family has built a livelihood. But the Corona crisis is endangering the project. Landjä supports the farmers with a contribution to Swiss Mountain Aid as part of the Corona emergency aid.

Lack of income because the guests stayed away for months

Coronakrise: Zeijährige Aufbauarbeit bedrohtIn a remote spot in the Emmental, an enterprising couple has built up a multifaceted business over the past two years. It combines agriculture with agrotourism and social commitment. Rare Swiss animal breeds are kept, including copper-necked goats and Suffolk or Engadine sheep. Guest rooms are offered in the beautiful former sheds and storehouses. The farm is also home to people with disabilities, who are looked after and can help out. Other assisted persons work in a day structure.

The farm shop sells its own organic products. All kinds of events, such as weddings, also take place on the farm. The young couple, parents of a small child, are bursting with ideas. Swiss Mountain Aid has supported the mountain farmers in setting up the farm. But the Corona crisis hit the family hard. As the guests failed to arrive in the spring, important income from agrotourism and the farm shop was lost. In addition, the residents who were looked after were not allowed to leave the farm for weeks, which meant a lot of extra work. As part of its Corona emergency aid, Swiss Mountain Aid is supporting the Emmental mountain farming family so that they do not fall into financial turmoil.

Landjä is making a contribution to this project, based on income from our valued customers.

Other Swiss Mountain Aid projects that we support.

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