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Press release Dec. 2020

Aargau entrepreneur reinvents Landjäger

For most of us, Landjäger probably evoke memories of school hikes and class camps, fires in the forest and, above all, one thing: our homeland, Switzerland. Mario Lang, the founder of Landjä, also thinks of this - but not only.

The newly designed fashion line, consisting of jackets, polos and T-shirts, is all about Swissness. With its modern cuts and designs, the Aargau-based startup proves that such branding by no means has to be staid. The garments adorned with the specially created "Edelschweiz" are made from high-quality materials and combine classic values with trendy shapes.

Of lawmen and meat products

The term "Landjäger" probably originated with the police forces in the 18th century who carried out law and order duties, particularly in rural areas. Exactly how the name was transferred to the smoked sausage remains unclear. But it is precisely this ambiguity of the word that Mario Lang, owner of the new fashion line, finds fascinating and fitting: "I'm simply in love with Switzerland," he says.

Helicopter pilot and fashion designer

Setting up a company is by no means new for Lang: the man from Aargau already founded, the leading company in Switzerland, in 2007. He stresses that the difference between the profession in the air and the fashion industry is not that big: "It's hard to imagine aviation without the Swiss colours red and white, I'm reminded of Swiss, Rega and not least the Patrouille Suisse, to which, by the way, we have dedicated our own T-shirt."

His love of textiles is also in his genes - his grandparents and great-grandparents ran a tailoring and haute couture business that was known far and wide.

Slowed down at full throttle

Although the worldwide Covid19 pandemic has delayed the opening of his online shop by more than half a year, the 47-year-old career changer is not discouraged; his motivation and anticipation have even increased as a result: "The first shipment weighing over 2 tons recently arrived, Landjä is definitely ready for the first orders now! Furthermore, he also sees an opportunity in the changed market situation and has unceremoniously added multilayer, ecological fabric masks to his collection, which are also available on Landjä

"The product has already been added to the cart."