Schweizer Berghilfe - New loose housing for horned dairy cows

A few years ago, a dairy farmer family in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden took over the farm from the husband's parents and steadily expanded it. Because they have to keep their cattle in outdated and too small barns, they would like to build a new farm building.
Landjä supports this project with a contribution to the Swiss Mountain Aid.

The mountain farmer couple has invested a lot in recent years to provide a secure existence for themselves and their three children, aged seven to eleven. In the year they took over the farm, they bought an adjoining agricultural parcel, later leased two neighboring farms and finally renovated the residential house. However, the increase in farmland has meant that the existing stables have become too small. They offer too little space for the cattle, the manure, the hay and the machines. For some time now, the mountain farmers have wanted to build a new farm building. The welfare of their horned cows is very important to them. Therefore, the new compost barn should offer each animal a little more space than prescribed as well as have bedding areas. These will enable the cows to adopt an optimal lying position. A sufficiently large feed store is also planned, as well as a shed in which all the machines can easily be accommodated. Although the well thought-out ecomy building is to be realized cost-consciously, the family cannot fully finance the new building.

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