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Cottover in 14 colors

The new "Bio-Fair" section is all about sustainable clothing. We strive to prioritize sustainability at every stage of the manufacturing process. The result? An everyday collection in fantastic colors, sizes and styles that make you look and perform great. With the products from Cottover and the motto: "People & Planet!", we at Landjä have found the ideal partner for this.

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Special emphasis is placed on sustainability at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the cotton yarn to the finished product. Our garments have been certified by independent and recognized labels such as GOTS, FairTrade, Oeko-Tex and Nordic Ecolabel. The garments are made from organically grown cotton and are Fairtrade certified.

Third-party certifications for credibility!

It is not easy for consumers to know what they are buying or how a product was made. Even for suppliers, it can be difficult to know all the stages of the supply chain because this chain usually consists of many different links. Third-party certification and labeling provide reliable guidelines for manufacturers and consumers.

  • Complete traceability from the textile fiber to the garment. All links in the supply chain are documented!
  • Inspections and tests - by an independent body - to ensure compliance with the requirements.
  • Annual visits and inspections to ensure that suppliers comply with the requirements.
  • Labels recognized on the market to help consumers easily find sustainable products

 The certifications

Fairtrade Fair trade thanks to Fairtrade. Fairtrade is an international label that certifies the cotton used to make clothes. Fairtrade fights poverty with fair trade. The cotton producers receive a guaranteed minimum price that covers the costs of sustainable production of their cotton. All cotton comes from Fairtrade certified producers.
Organic Textile GOTS is an international clothing and textile label. GOTS always uses organically grown cotton, and polyester always comes from recycled materials. GOTS places high demands on the materials used and on quality, but is also demanding in terms of the environment and social development. It guarantees full traceability along the entire supply chain.
Oeko-Tex OEKO-TEX is an international certification for clothing and textile raw materials that guarantees that the end product does not contain any environmentally harmful substances. The tests are carried out exclusively by approved and independent laboratories. The label guarantees that the products comply with the European REACH regulation (REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).
Tree Nation "Each 🌿 tree counts". Regardless of the sustainability of the manufacturing process, together with our partner Tree-Nation, we plant a tree for every product purchased.
Together with our customers, we are thus making a small but important contribution to the environment and therefore to the future of our children.
Further certificates
Ecolabel Nordic Swan Ecolabel The eco-label Nordic Swan Ecolabel (or Nordic Swan) is a Scandinavian environmental label run by a government committee. Nordic Ecolabel certifies products taking into account their environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from raw material to use. For this reason, Nordic Ecolabel follows strict rules regarding the environment, health and quality. The label also protects working conditions in accordance with the ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions.
BSCI Anfori BSCI is an initiative for companies that want to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. The code of conduct sets requirements for all member suppliers, for example with regard to wages and the prohibition of child labor, forced labor and discrimination.
ACCORD Accord is a binding protocol aimed at improving safety in the textile industry in Bangladesh, focusing on building and electrical safety and fire safety. More than 2 million garment workers are directly affected by Accord's work. It is therefore one of our largest social responsibility projects.
Textile Exchange Textile Exchange is an international organization that promotes the responsible development of organic cotton farms. Given the ever-increasing demand, the current availability of organic cotton is insufficient.
Clean Shipping The Clean Shipping Index is an initiative to promote cleaner and more environmentally friendly ships among transportation companies. It is intended to help reduce the environmental impact of chemical substances and greenhouse gas emissions in the oceans.
Mistra Future Fashion Mistra Future Fashion is a research program that focuses primarily on sustainable fashion and is committed to a positive future in the fashion industry. The program is committed to systemic change towards sustainable fashion. The program's interdisciplinary approach addresses research in the areas of design, supply chain, consumer and recycling, in collaboration with a large consortium of over 40 partners from research and industry, including Cottover

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