Sponsoring swinger Kaj Hügli

We are proud to accompany the up-and-coming swinger Kaj Hügli to the ESAF Mollis 2025 as main sponsor.

Sponsoring Kaj Hügli

We were able to inspire the swinger with our products, and he will work with us as a brand ambassador in the future.

We intend to support him beyond the ESAF 2025 in Mollis and wish him every success for all his competitions.

Thank you Kaj!
Your Landjäger Team


Who is Kaj Hügli

In 2007 I stepped into the sawdust for the first time as a young swinger. Since then, wrestling has been my great passion. My goals are to reach the top in the sport. This is a very hard way and it takes years of hard training to reach this goal. I train five times a week. My training is structured in a varied way. Twice a week I train with my personal trainer.

Kaj Joel Hügli


I started the 2022 season with the following goals:
Accident-free seasonI was able to achieve this well, I had no injury and was allowed to swing the whole season without pain.
Give the best at every wrestling festival and achieve top rankings. This was also achieved from my point of view, I was able to win 5 wreaths.
First mountain wreath, this was fulfilled on 14.08.2022. On an excellent day of wrestling, in front of a fantastic backdrop, I was able to win my first mountain wreath on the Schwägalp.
Participation at the ESAF in Pratteln. I was able to achieve this goal as well. So all four goals were achieved. At the ESAF in Pratteln, I was able to continue my performance from Schwägalp and had a very good Saturday. With three victories and one defeat, I was in a good position for Sunday. Unfortunately, I couldn't use the momentum optimally on Sunday morning and so I left the course as a loser in the fifth and sixth rounds. Nevertheless, I qualified to be able to swing for eight courses on the spot.
Unfortunately, I could no longer swing for the wreaths, but I still learned a lot of positive things and am proud of my performance at the ESAF and with the whole 2022 season.
Kaj Joel Hügli

Goals of Kaj Hügli

In 2023 I will work on the foundation for the way to the ESAF in Mollis GL.
I want to work on the high aspired goals with hard physical training and a lot of passion. Mental training is a very important part of the foundation. Mental fitness is becoming more and more crucial in this power sport.
On this basis, I will refine the training sessions in 2024 even more specifically with my personal trainer as well as with the team in Aarau.
In 2025, the goals are set even higher and the focus is even more on the ESAF.

In addition, there is the goal of being able to complete an accident-free season and fair gaits.
 Winner Kaj Hügli


Swinging used to be known only among shepherds and farmers. It began about the 13th century.
In the 18th century, the sport of swinging was moved to the cities, where it was well preserved, and it is still a traditional, Swiss sport.
In 1895 the first Federal Wrestling Festival was held and in the 19th century the first royal title was awarded.
Until today, the sport of wrestling has become more and more professional and almost belongs to the top sports.
Also in the media, the sport of swinging is highly sought after and has become a trend.

Points ranking

  • For a direct / flat throw on the back there are 10.00 points.  
  • If the opponent is only overpowered on the ground, 9.75 points are awarded.
  • For a posed (draw) there are 8.75 or 9.00 points depending on the activity - not both swingers have to be rated equally. It is valid: Who is more active, gets more points.
  • Whoever loses, still gets 8.50 points - or if he goes all out, sometimes 8.75 points.


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