Do you value high-quality clothing and want to protect people and the environment?

Fairtrade label

More and more people think like you. The consumption of clothing can be a major environmental problem. Production is often based on substandard working conditions and a process that has a heavy impact on the environment.

Outdated and harmful pesticides and other chemicals are often used on cotton plantations, which have a negative impact on nature and the people who work with it. The next negative effects are caused by the subsequent processes such as spinning, knitting and, above all, dyeing. The production of textiles requires a lot of water and, together with the enormous amount of clothing disposed of, has a major impact on energy consumption, the waste of raw materials and the environment.

Consumption is positive because it is necessary for trade. Trade is a necessity for the economy as jobs and prosperity are created. Much of the overall reduction in extreme poverty has occurred in countries that are integrated through trade and the creation of multinational companies. In most of the countries that have been able to reduce poverty and become industrialized, the textile industry has had a major impact. However, this must be done in a fair and controlled way.

You make the difference.

Choose articles from sustainable production with recognized labels and change the habits in the textile industry. Choose products from the "Bio-Fair" category.

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