We love Switzerland and like to show it

It is not only in front of our house that a Swiss flag flies. Almost on every corner you can see Swiss flags in all sizes and show that we can be proud of our country and love it.

Also on almost every ship hangs a Swiss flag as a landmark and symbol of our country and to the delight of tourists. Aren't these flags perhaps the most photographed subject in Switzerland?

Beside adults also many young people and children are proud of our country and show this also gladly e.g. with appropriate clothes and symbols.

As everywhere, there are currents and opinions that prefer to give preference to foreign cultures with their symbols, e.g. headscarves for women or minarets, etc. This newspaper report speaks volumes or what do you think? We at Landjä are far from wanting to become political. And nevertheless, we are happy that we are Swiss and that we are allowed to show it.

Switzerland belongs to us and we belong to Switzerland, we are proud of that and we are allowed to show it. That's why we also have the Swiss cross on every one of our products.

By the way, on our Instagram and Facebook account we only post pictures with the Swiss cross on it.

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