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We are proud to present our new two-tone collection: Active Wear Prime.

When developing the Activ wear Prime, the top priority was to create a more sustainable collection with a focus on reducing negative environmental impact. All products are made from organic cotton and/or recycled polyester from used PET bottles.

The Prime line consists of modern garments that can be worn in almost all industries. The materials are selected to ensure a long service life despite heavy use.


Activewear Prime

Here are some of the special features of the line Activwear Prime:

  • Washable up to 60%
  • XS-5XL
  • Strong fabric, colorfast, elastic, durable
  • Soft to wear and retains its shape
  • Organic cotton, recycled polyester (Oeko-Tex certified)




The products are made from a blend of cotton and polyester and thus combine the best properties of both materials. A garment with a polyester content can be special for various reasons:

  1. Easy carePolyester is known for its easy-care properties. Garments with polyester content are often crease-resistant and retain their shape and color even after repeated washing.

  2. DurabilityPolyester fibers are robust and resistant to wear and tear. Garments with a polyester content therefore tend to last longer than those made from other materials.

  3. Moisture managementPolyester has low water absorption, which means that garments with polyester content tend to wick moisture away from the body quickly and stay dry. This makes them particularly suitable for sports activities or warm weather.

  4. Color intensityPolyester fibers have high color retention, which means that garments with a polyester content often have vibrant and long-lasting colors.

  5. VersatilityPolyester can be blended with other materials to enhance certain properties. For example, polyester can be blended with cotton to increase durability, or with spandex to improve stretch.

  6. FunctionalityPolyester is often used in sports and outdoor clothing because it dries quickly and wicks away moisture. Garments with polyester content are therefore particularly suitable for outdoor activities or sports.

  7. AffordabilityPolyester is generally less expensive than many other materials, making garments with a polyester content an affordable option for many consumers.

Although polyester has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages, such as lower breathability compared to natural materials like cotton or wool. Nevertheless, the combination of ease of care, durability and functionality makes polyester a popular material for clothing in many different areas.


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