Report in the Aargauer Zeitung

Our company is attracting interest, not only from customers. Already some press people were interested in us and our fashion line. This report in the Aargauer Zeitung was published today.

Bericht Aargauer Zeitung

A beer idea?

The newspaper report of the Aargauer Zeitung starts with the statement: It sounds a bit like a beer idea. And indeed, many startups begin among colleagues over an after-work beer. Landjä is different. Mario Lang is an experienced and successful businessman with a wealth of ideas. He secured the domain Landjä over 20 years ago. Not that he dreamed of this fashion label back then. He simply found the name and the product behind it, namely the sausage, which is known and loved throughout Switzerland, fascinating and was also surprised that the domain was still free.

Fashion label and helicopter flight?

2007 was the birth of, after Mario himself had made his flying license on helicopters. After working in marketing for more than 10 years, this was the basic idea for a successful self-employment. Besides helping countless helicopter pilots to make professional flights and thus earn their wages, today his company also has 10 employees in the German-speaking countries alone, who earn their daily bread with it.

I agree that helicopter flying has not much to do with fashion. At least at first glance. But if you go deeper, it looks quite different. After all, Mario and his team don't fly themselves, they organize helicopter flights for companies and tourists or sometimes even for transporting bulky goods or to remote places that can't be reached any other way. So most of the work is on the phone and in front of the computer screen. And when you come up with new ideas in your spare time (some of them even come up in your sleep!), the implementation is much closer.

Since Mario always liked the symbols and the colors of Switzerland, the idea was born to build a fashion line on the background of Swiss folklore and customs. Starting with the colors red and white, as you can find them already in our coat of arms. But also in aviation, which brings us back to the connection between helicopter and fashion label, red and white is omnipresent. Just think of our national airline, the Patrouille Suisse and Rega.

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