The pasture barn needs to be replaced

Mountain farmers in Uri need to rebuild a pasture stable because it is outdated and not very animal-friendly. Support is necessary, because the own funds are not enough to support the project. An ideal project that we at Landjä are happy to support.

Urner Bergbauern müssen einen Weidestall neu bauen

Photo: Swiss Mountain Aid

Together with his wife, the farmer runs a farm with Swiss brown cattle and a few sheep. The proactive farmer from Uri has continuously expanded the farm. He keeps the cattle in an animal-friendly loose housing system. In summer the animals are on the alp. He shares the barn and machinery with his brother, which massively reduces operating costs. The farmers have three children of school age. With a little extra income, they earn important additional income. The farm buildings also include a grazing barn, where young animals are kept for a few weeks each spring and autumn to graze the surrounding meadows. But the tethered barn is dilapidated and no longer meets animal welfare requirements. The mountain farmers have to act. Since renovation is hardly cheaper, they want to tear down the building and rebuild it. In addition to an animal-friendly loose housing system, a shed is to be integrated to provide space for machinery and equipment. Because that is exactly what is lacking on the home farm. With wood from their own forest, sustainable material is to be used for the functional building. However, the people of Uri cannot realise the project from their own resources. Support will make the sensible replacement building possible.

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