Landjäger in the kitchen

Did you know that Landjäger can be eaten not only cold but also warm? For most people Landjäger are known to eat cold, for example, on a hike. It is said that they should not be missing in any hiking backpack


Warm yes, but be careful: Landjäger should not be grilled, because the intense heating of food treated with nitrite curing salt can produce so-called nitrosamines, which are classified as carcinogenic.

On the other hand, you can find many good recipes on the Internet. Especially as a casserole there are great suggestions. As an amateur cook, I myself once started an attempt: Hörnliauflauf with broccoli


Recipe for 4 persons:

150g Hörnli (here Kernser Dinkelhörnli)
ca. 200g broccoli florets1
pair of Landjäger2
eggs and 1dl cream50g
grated cheese

Preparation: Cook Hörnli al dente and cook the last minute broccoli or blanch separately.
Put the croissants and broccoli together with the Landjäger strips (about 1cm wide) in a gratin dish and pour the sauce over them.
Glaze: mix 2 eggs with the cream and add pepper, salt and herbs (in my case a mixture of Ticino herbs) if desired.
At the end sprinkle the gratin with cheese. I used a mixture for cheesecake, but other cheeses such as Sprinz, Gruyère, etc. are also suitable.

Bake in the oven preheated to 170° Celsius in the middle for about 20 minutes.

Here are a few links to other recipes on the Internet:

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Landjäger - always a delight, whether as Edelweiss fashion or for dinner.

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