Personalization - What does it mean?

According to Wikipedia, personalization means adapting a product to the individual wishes of the customer. The individualization of a product can be translated into customization.

In our case, personalization means that we can embroider letters and/or logos on various of our products. For example, this is possible on the collar of our polos and soon on our Edelweiss shirts. On Edelweiss hoodies, polos and jackets, personalizations can also be embroidered on the chest or the breast pocket (only on black polos).

5 Schriften und 5 Farben können frei kombiniert werden.

There are 5 different fonts and 5 colors available to our customers. These can be individually selected and combined. Directly during the input on the screen you can see the result. An input can be corrected and undone at any time.

On the chest are also 2 lines possible. This is certainly easier to read and then usually has space on the breast pocket. (Only possible on black polo shirts).

Beispiel eines Logos.

It is also possible to embroider logos. Here, the size and placement can be done on demand. This type of customization requires consultation and we will be happy to provide a quote.
If you have personal wishes, we will be happy to advise you. For larger orders, our team will be happy to create a sample, so before embroidery on the product can determine the size and the definitive location.

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