Schweizer Berghilfe - There is no money for a larger alpine restaurant

The "Alpbeizli" on the remote Lower Engadine alp is very popular with hikers, but it regularly reaches the limits of its capacity. Now, space in the barn is being freed up by the renovation of the outdated milking system. The small inn could finally be enlarged and modernized. But the alpine corporation cannot completely finance the sensible project despite a lot of own work. With the help of Swiss Mountain Aid, Landjä is supporting the project.

Swiss Mountain Aid


The beautiful alp lies at the back of a side valley in the Lower Engadine. It is run by a corporation and in summer it is grazed by dairy cows. The milk is processed on site into tasty alpine cheese and alpine butter, and the bulkheads are fed to the alpine pigs. The farm is located on a much frequented hiking route. Therefore, a few years ago a small pub was set up, where alpine products and drinks are offered. Four people take care of the animals and the small restaurant during the alpine season. The work is rigorous because there is only an old bucket milking system that no longer meets current hygiene standards. The Alpine Corporation wants to replace the outdated equipment with a milking parlor in order to be able to milk in a more animal-friendly, efficient and hygienic way in the future. The new milking parlor will free up space in the barn. This space is to be used for an expansion of the Alpbeizli, which regularly reaches its capacity limits. For reasons of synergy, the two projects are to be realized together. While funds are available for the milking parlor thanks to subsidies, the alpine farmers cannot fully finance the sensible expansion of the Beizli.

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