Schweizer Berghilfe - With the community cheese dairy, the alpine pastures in Uri have a future

Four alpine farmers from Uri are joining forces to process milk. They are founding a community cheese dairy in order to process their milk rationally and hygienically on the alp in the future and to sell finished products via the connected mountain restaurant. Landjä supports the project with a donation to Swiss Mountain Aid.

 Swiss Mountain Aid

The beautiful alp in Uri is owned by four parties. In the past, the four alpine farmers individually processed their milk into mountain cheese in their own alpine huts. Having already built a road to improve access to the upper part of the alp, they now want to pull in the same direction when it comes to cheese production. They are planning to build a joint cheese dairy on the alp, in which the milk will be centrally processed into mountain cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. in the future. Since the planned location is directly on a much frequented hiking trail, a mountain restaurant and a store for the alpine dairy products are also to be integrated. In addition, there is also a need for living quarters for the cheese maker and people who help in the store and in the restaurant. Thanks to the cheesemaker, who is employed full-time during the alpine season, the four mountain farmers will have more time in the future to look after the animals and for sideline activities. Family members with manual training are actively helping with the construction. As sponsors of the joint venture, the four mountain farmers are making various financial contributions. After completion of the construction work, they are confronted with a deficit that they cannot bear themselves.

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