Sponsoring Spycherlijodler and SQ UrWurzu

Out of love for music and singing, there was already a lot of singing in the family. This is how the Spycherlijodler came into being. They themselves write about it on their website:

In our families there was always a lot of singing and so the joy of singing was literally put into our cradle. We sing in various singing groups and have joined together for the wedding of our niece, respectively cousin, to bring her a "Ständli". Since then there are always requests and we have the joy of singing together in a quartet.

The musicians of the SQ UrWurzu are: Dominik and Reto Wüthrich, Reto Jaun and Lukas Steiner.
Together with the Spycherlijodler we sat down and created a CD with many beautiful pieces. We are looking forward to present the CD in September this year (2022). We have also planned a CD tour following the CD launch.
SQ UrWurzu
Landjä is looking forward to supporting both groups and to the CD launch. As guests, we are happy to be there and who knows, maybe we will meet one or the other customer there.
SQ UrWurzu

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