Versatile application possibilities

First and foremost, our fashion line is designed to provide private individuals with a fashionable and comfortable outfit. But again and again there are companies, restaurants or other groups that are interested in our jackets, polos and t-shirts. For example, a few weeks ago someone bought a large quantity of polo shirts and had them embroidered themselves so that they could appear uniformly at a wedding.

Polo Shirt

An equally pleasing reason was the formation of a barrel organ duo.

They had been planning to buy a barrel organ for a long time and were thinking about what kind of outfit they needed for the performances. Then landjä with its white jackets with red Edelweiss stripes caught their eye and they spontaneously decided to call themselves "Edelwyss" and that landjä would become their service uniform.

Edelwyss Handorgel
Christine and Frédéric, from Basel, then bought an "ERMAN 20/31" barrel organ on August 1, 2021 and started the barrel organ duo "Edelwyss". They made their first guest appearance on 28 August at a family garden club - in a snappy Landjäger tenue.
A next successful guest performance soon followed and further appearances are already scheduled. Since they don't have a car and are dependent on public transport, their appearances are limited to Basel and the surrounding area. However, these are very measured and selected, because Christine has to take care of her health. It is not planned to exploit the engagements for profit - they play for fun and not to earn money.
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