We deliver worldwide and also to remote places

Our products are not only popular in Switzerland! We have received orders from almost all continents and delivered there as well.

But our customers live not only in cities and villages but often in remote places. Sometimes in a hidden valley, a remote hut or high on a mountain, like the Skihaus Edelweiss in Biel-Kinzig high above Bürglen in the Schächental UR.

Skihaus Edelweiss

The fact that Mario Lang's father is still fit in his old age is well known among family and friends. Therefore he did not miss the opportunity to deliver various products of the Edelweiss fashion of Landjä on snowshoes in his backpack. Even a climb of more than 400m and a distance of more than 7 km was not too much for him, especially since the weather was ideal.

The customers were very pleased with the fast and personal delivery and they did not miss the opportunity to try on some of the products right away.

Vater Hans und Sohn Marcel freuen sich über die neu erworbene Edelweiss-Mode.

Afterwards they invited the "letter carrier" for lunch, meat-cheese plate of course with landjäger and he can highly recommend the restaurant and his food.

"The product has already been added to the cart."