We support the Swiss Mountain Aid

Swiss Mountain Aid has set itself the goal of supporting projects that create jobs and added value in the mountain region. In this way the

counteracts emigration and ensures that the mountain regions remain vibrant in the future.

With regular donations, we want to indirectly give something of our success back to the Swiss population. Success that we also owe to the Swiss population. People who like our genuine Swiss fashion label and therefore become our customers.

The financial success of Landjä, despite low margins, is due to the low costs of administration and distribution. We do not have a large administrative apparatus or separate buildings that cost a lot of money. In addition, our customers also help us by making advance payments so that no defaults or bad debt losses occur.

Although Landjä only started a few months ago, we have already made our first substantial donation. We are directly helping a family of nine with this project through a project donation:

Shop creates future for family of nine

In this project, Berghilfe is supporting a large family who can no longer live on their farm alone. For this reason, the creative mountain farmer has successfully run her own shop selling silhouettes for years. Due to the scarce income from farming, she now wants to expand this sideline business. However, the current premises are far too small for this. A former inn is now to be converted and renovated into a shop and event location.

In the future, not only will silhouette works be produced, exhibited and sold there, but courses and events will also be able to take place. This could even create jobs and bring visitors to the village. But first the house has to be rebuilt and renovated. However, the mountain farmers cannot finance this investment entirely from their own resources. The support from Berghilfe gives the Toggenburg extended family a secure perspective for the future.

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